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Seek The Path Of Justice With Amarillos Medical Malpractice And Auto Accident Attorneys}

Submitted by: Vikram KR

Ever been a victim of Medical Malpractice? It is very common all over the world where a surgery may go wrong due to the negligence of doctors and nurses. There are reported incidents where surgical instruments like sutures, scissors and even scalpels were left inside the patients body during a surgery. This may result in serious infections if they are left inside for months or even years. Common symptoms are organ failure, chronic fatigue and severe pain. In most cases, the hospitals and the doctors deny their negligence but they should know that this is nearly a criminal offense. Doctors are trained to save lives and if something like this happens, even deaths may occur. Amarillos Medical Malpractice Attorneys may assist you or your family member if you have suffered from such an incident. There are limitations but you must gather evidence before you file the lawsuit.

You may ask for compensation based on

Pain and suffering

Physical impairment

Mental instability

Loss of wages

Past and Future Medical Expenses

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So do not hesitate in consulting Amarillos Medical Malpractice Attorneys for the best possible guidance in building up your lawsuit.

Automobile accidents may happen anytime and at any place and is very common in Amarillo, Texas. Due to high number of heavy commercial vehicles and semi-trucks, severe injuries and even death rates have increased significantly in the last few years when compared to other states. The interconnecting highways suffer congestion, which has increased the chances of accidents. Moreover, the lack of separate lanes for light motor and heavy motor vehicles has furthermore increased the probability of such unfortunate happenings. You need to consult an experienced attorney to get paid fo

Survivor benefits

Lost wages

Expenses for the funerals

Pain and suffering

Medical bills

Physical impairment

Workers compensation benefits

Before filing your lawsuit, you must consult Amarillo Automobile Accident Attorneys to have a better idea regarding what you are dealing with. You should get what you deserve and the attorneys are there for you to help your family during hard times.

You should consider a few things before you seek a lawyer for medical malpractice or automobile accident cases.

Do not settle in for the first lawyer you find if you dont have someones name in mind. Do a thorough research before seeking a lawyer because your future lies in his or her hands.

Try to find someone reputed and who specializes in your required field. For example, someone whose expertise is in the fields of medical cases would be help you a lot more in case of medical malpractices.

Find an attorney who would help you build up your case instead of looking just for a lawyer.

Consult them before employing. You should talk to your attorney and see whether you find the person suitable for your case. Also look for the fees and make sure that it is in your budget.

Ask for any additional costs that may come up during the lawsuit.

Discuss regarding the payment methods, which will be accepted.

Keep a back-up plan. If the person you employ backs off at the last moment, you should have someone who may take up your case at that moment.

About the Author: If you are going through a situation like this, keep calm and know what you can do. A simple decision may save you and your familys future. In case of a medical malpractice or an automobile accident do not hesitate in consulting


Amarillo Medical Malpractice Attorney and


Amarillo Auto Accident Attorney respectively.



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Hope fades for families of trapped Mexican miners

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Almost 600 desperate family members and others remained camped outside the Pasta de Conchos coal mine near San Juan de Sabinas, in the northern Mexico state of Coahuila where 65 Mexican miners were trapped by a gas explosion around 2:30 a.m. (0830 GMT) Sunday. Some are threatening to storm the mine while soldiers are trying to keep them calm and rescuers continue to pick through the rock and debris with hand tools, fearing that any power equipment might set off another explosion.

The local newspaper’s headline caused panic by quoting one of over a dozen surviving miners who were close enough to the exits to escape: “They are surely dead,” (La Prensa de Monclova). However, Arturo Vilchis, Civil Protection Director, refused to speculate on the condition of the miners, while Javier de la Fuente, an engineering contractor with mine owner Grupo México S.A. de C.V. also tried to hold out some hope.

The men were each supposed to be carrying oxygen tanks, each with a six hour supply, and there’s some hope that they could reach other oxygen supply tanks, or that some air might be reaching them through the ventilation shafts into which rescuers have been pumping more oxygen since shortly after the explosion.

Juan Rebolledo, vice president of international affairs for Grupo México, assured onlookers that U.S. mining experts were on the way, and officials at the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration have confirmed that they’ve sent a specialized equipment truck and several mining experts which should arrive at the mine site on Wednesday afternoon.

Meanwhile Consuelo Aguilar, a spokeswoman for the National Miners’ Union, called for an investigation into Grupo México’s responsibility for the disaster. Pedro Camarillo, a federal labor official, said nothing unusual was found during a routine evaluation in early February.

21 July

Copiapó, Chile mining accident: in depth

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The rescue of the Chilean miners trapped in the San José Mine in Copiapó, codenamed Operación San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo Operation), began on Tuesday night, at around 20:00 local time (23:00 UTC).

Florencio Ávalos was the first miner to be rescued, at 00:12 local time (03:12 UTC) on Wednesday. He was wearing a shirt signed by all his fellow miners. “The first miner is already with us. We saw it all, him hugging his wife Monica and his son Byron,” said President Piñera shortly after the first rescue. “We still have a long journey.”

“This will be recorded on every single Chilean heart forever,” Piñera added. “I hope the miners’ hope stay with us, just like the [February] earthquake victims’ [hope] and what the earthquake took off. We know that the disasters unite us all.”

All the 33 miners were rescued. The last miner, Luis Urzúa, was rescued at 21:55 Chile time (00:55 UTC). “It is a pleasure to be Chilean, [I’m] proud,” said Luis Urzúa to President Piñera. “In honour of the miners, their families, the rescuers […] let’s sing our national anthem. Viva Chile Mierda!,” said Piñera. Urzúa thanked Mining Minister Golborne and the First Lady Cecilia Morel for “fighting for their lives.” “I’m proud of my fellow miners,” Urzúa added.

Six rescuers, including a miner and a paramedic, descended to the miners’ shelter using the Fénix 3 capsule which was specially constructed for the rescue. They performed check-ups and talk with the miners before taking them back to the surface. The rescuers still don’t leave the mine.

The Fénix 3 capsules are 3.95 metres in height and weigh about 460 kilograms. They have an armour, an oxygen tube and a microphone. The occupants helmets contain an intercom to keep them in contact with the rescue team on the surface.

President of Chile Piñera assisted to the rescue. Bolivian President Evo Morales could not attend Carlos Mamani’s rescue. Mamani is the only Bolivian miner in the group.

A mass for the miners was conducted at 18:00 local time (21:00 UTC). The rescue takes between 15 and 20 minutes for each miner.

On Tuesday, Mayor of Copiapó Maglio Cicardini announced that the municipal schools in the city will have no classes this Wednesday “to transform the rescue of the Atacama’s 33 in a familiar meeting,” Radio Cooperativa reported.

“The miners will be taken to the Copiapó Regional Hospital for medical checkup, where they will have to stay for 48 hours,” Health Minister Mañalich said to Televisión Nacional de Chile.

Celebrations are taking place in several Chilean cities. In Santiago de Chile, people gathered in one of the most important points of the city, Plaza Italia. In Pichilemu, tens of cars are passing over its most important streets. In Copiapó, people gathered in its main square to assist a massive concert.

On August 5, 33 miners were trapped more than 700 meters (2,300 ft) underground, in the San José copper–gold mine, located about 40 kilometers north of Copiapó, Chile.

The youngest trapped miner is 19 years old, and the oldest is 63. There were several rescue attempts before reaching the miners’ shelter on August 22. The National Emergencies Office of Chile (ONEMI) released a list of the trapped miners on August 6, which included Franklin Lobos Ramírez, a retired footballer.

Chile is the worlds top producer of copper, according to The Economist. The San José Mine is owned by the San Esteban Mining Company (Empresa Minera San Esteban). The mine was closed down in 2007, after relatives of a miner who had died sued the company executives, but the mine was re–opened in 2008.

It was originally estimated that “it would take three to four months to complete the rescue of the trapped miners”. There were three plans to reach the miners: “Plan A” using a Strata 950 drill, “Plan B” using a Schramm T130XD drill, and “Plan C” using a RIG-422 drill. The first to reach the miners was “Plan B”, early on Saturday 9.

The last step of their rescue, announced by Health Minister Jaime Mañalich, was originally due to begin on Tuesday. Laurence Golborne, Minery Minister said “If it is possible, and the cement sets before and we don’t have any impediments to doing it, it would be wonderful,” in a press conference on Monday. The men will be extracted in a steel rescue capsule 54 cm (21 inches) in diameter.

On September 4, Chilean filmmaker Rodrigo Ortúzar announced plans to film a movie about the accident, called “Los 33” (“The 33”). The film will be released in 2011.

One miner is Bolivian, and the other 32 are Chilean.

Raúl Bustos, 40 years old, is an hydraulics engineer. He left his job in Talcahuano after the February 27 earthquake to work in the mine.

Daniel Herrera, 27 years old, is a lorry driver. He has acted as paramedic assistant in the mine. He said to La Tercera “the miners were unhappy with the psychologist in the rescue team.”

Claudio Acuña, miner, is fan of the Colo-Colo football club. The BBC reports he is aged 56, but El Comercio says he is 44.

Pedro Cortez is aged 24. He joined the mine with his friend Carlos Bugueño. Cortez is an electrician, and lost a finger in the mine a year ago.

File:Juan Aguilar with President Piñera.jpg

A native of Los Lagos, Juan Aguilar is 49 years old. Aguilar is married to Cristy Coronado, according to El Comercio. Aguilar works as a supervisor.

Mario Sepúlveda is a 39 years old electrician native of Parral; he is married. He has been the spokesman of the most of the miners’ videos. Mario Sepúlveda was the second miner to be rescued, on Wednesday at 01:10 local time (04:10 UTC).

Víctor Zamora is a 33 years old auto mechanic. Zamora is married to Jéssica Cortez, who confirmed she was pregnant while he was in the mine.

Osman Araya is 30 years old, and married. He began working as miner four months before the accident.

Florencio Ávalos is 31 years old. He is the brother of Renán Ávalos, who is also trapped in the mine. He worked as driver in San José. Ávalos filmed videos, sent later to his relatives.

Ávalos was the first miner to be rescued, on Wednesday at 00:10 local time (03:10 UTC).

Jorge Galleguillos, 56 years old, has worked all his life in the mine. He said in one video he was feeling unwell; he takes medication for hypertension.

Carlos Barrios is a 27 years old miner. His father, Antenor Barrios, told Agence France-Presse: “I find he’s very strong and has enthusiasm. He spoke loud and clear. I was excited.”

Franklin Lobos Ramírez is a 53 years old retired footballer. He played for Cobresal, Deportes Antofagasta, Club de Deportes Santiago Wanderers and Unión La Calera, and briefly for the Chile national football team. Lobos had worked as a truck driver in the mine.

Yonni Barrios, called “The Doctor”, is a 50 years old electrician. He has knowledge of first aid, and was given responsibility for monitoring the health of his colleagues. “I felt I was in hell,” Barrios said in a letter to his wife.

Carlos Bugueño, 27 years old, joined the mine with Pedro Cortez. Previously, he worked as a watchman.

Alex Vega Salazar is a 31 years old heavy machinery mechanic. He is married to Jessica Salgado, and celebrated his birthday in the mine on September 22.

Ariel Ticona is a 29 years old miner. His wife, Margarita gave birth to his daughter on September 14. She was named Esperanza (Hope), at Ticona’s request.

Richard Villarroel is a 27 years old mechanic from Coyhaique.

Edison Peña is a 34 years old miner. “I want to go out soon,” he said on his first contact with his relatives. “I want to be free, I want to see the sun,” he added. He is a fan of Elvis Presley.

Claudio Yáñez is 34 years old, and works as drill operator.

José Ojeda, 46 years old, is the master driller. Ojeda is widowed and diabetic.

Luis Urzúa is a 54 year old topographer. He is the shift-leader, and was the first miner to talk with authorities. He is known as Don Lucho among the miners. He draw plans of the area of the mine where they are trapped.

Urzúa will be the last miner to leave the mine.

José Henríquez is a 54 years old drill master. He is also an evangelical preacher, and has worked in mines for 33 years.

Víctor Segovia is a 48 years old electrician. He is in charge of writing down everything that happens in the mine.

Pablo Rojas is a 45 years old explosives loader. Married, he had been working less than six months in the mine.

Juan Illanes is a 51 year old miner. He was a sergeant in the Beagle border conflict between Chile and Argentina in 1978, the incident which almost provoked a war between the countries.

Illanes was rescued on Wednesday, at 02:07 local time (05:07 UTC).

Jimmy Sánchez, 19, is the youngest miner. He had been working in the mine for five months before the accident. His role is to check the temperature and humidity in the mine.

Samuel Ávalos is a 43 years miner. His wife Ruth said “he was addicted to the cocaine.” His role in the rescue is to check air quality in the area the miners are living. According to the BBC, “Ávalos has worked in the mine for five months.”

Mario Gómez, aged 63, is the oldest of the miners. He has worked 51 years as miner. His father was also a miner, and is nicknamed “El Navegao” (“The Sailed One”). He was thinking of retiring in November.

Gómez also wrote the message “Estamos bien en el refugio los 33” (“We are fine in the shelter the 33 [of us]”).

Segovia is 48 years old. He is married to Jessica Chille, who said “To hear his voice was a confort to my heart,” after talking with him for the first time in 24 days. His sister María, was nicknamed “La Alcaldesa” (“The Mayoress”) for her leading role at Campamento Esperanza. His father, Darío Senior, was trapped in a mine for a week, and suffered serious injuries after two other mining accidents, according to the BBC.

Carlos Mamani is a 23 years old heavy equipment operator. He is also the only non-Chilean miner; Mamani is Bolivian. He began working in the mine just five days before the accident.

He was rescued at 03:11 local time (06:11 UTC) on Wednesday.

Renán Ávalos is a 29 years old miner, single, who had been working for five months in the mine before the accident. Florencio Ávalos is his brother.

Omar Reygadas is a 56 year old electrician. He began working in the mine shortly before the accident.

Esteban Rojas is a 44 years old miner. Rojas is married to Jessica Yáñez.

21 July

12 coal miners are found dead, 1 in critical condition, in West Virginia mine

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

According to many news sources including CNN and USA Today, reports indicate that 12 coal miners have been found dead in the mine in Sago, West Virginia and only one has survived, reversing reports three hours earlier that 12 had been found alive — a report that had caused celebration amongst family members and friends.

The family members of the dead miners were notified of the deaths by Ben Hatfield, CEO of the International Coal Groi[, at the Sago Baptist Church. Hatfield blamed the reversal on “bad information” and “miscommunication.”

“What happened is that through stray cell phone conversations it appears that this miscommunication from the rescue team underground to the command center was picked up by various people that simply overheard the conversation that was relayed over cell phone communications without our ever having made a [public news] release,” explained Hatfield.

Family members walked out of the church saying that the CEO of the mining company had “lied to them”. The surviving miner, Randal McCloy, is currently in critical condition at Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown, West Virginia.

The United States Mine Safety and Health Administration issued the mine 208 citations last year, an increase from 68 reported in 2004. Federal regulations cover concerns over accumulations of combustible materials, including methane gas and coal dust from loose coal, in addition to other safety issues. The agency has announced that it plans launch a in-depth investigation into the incident at Sago. The investigation will examine the mine’s compliance with health and safety standards and how emergency information was communicated.

9 July

Classical Concepts Sponsors Us &Amp; Canada Tour Of Pandit Kaivlaya Kumar Gurav.}

Submitted by: Nalini Madiwale

Schenectady (NY): Classical Concepts, an organization dedicated to the promotion & propagation of Hindustani music, Classical and light classical, vocal and instrumental today announced that it will be sponsoring few events of the upcoming US & Canada Tour of Pandit Kaivlaya Kumar Gurav during April to July 2010. Classical Concepts, headquartered in New York, is an organization dedicated to the promotion and propagation of Hindustani music, Indian classical and light classical and vocal, Ghazals and instrumental classical music. Complete details of Pandit Kaivlaya Kumar Guravs US and Canada Hindustani classical music tour are available on Classical Concepts website, http://www.classical-concepts.com

We are proud to be associated be the upcoming US and Canada tour of Pandit Kaivalya Kumar Gurav. Our organization is committed to provide opportunities to aspirants to learn more about Indian classical music. Classical Concepts also arranges performances and lecture-demonstrations in USA. We are especially interested in developing the next generation of listeners. We welcome requests for lectures and demos on Indian Classical Music by music departments of middle schools, high schools, and colleges in the United States., says Nalini Madiwale, owner of Classical Concepts.

Pandit Kaivalya Kumar is a leading young exponent of the Kirana Gharana with a rich multigenerational lineage. He was trained by his father Pandit Sangmeshwar Gurav. His Grandfather Ganpatrao Gurav, studied under 2 legends: Pandit Bhaskarbua Bhakle and Ustad Abdul Karim Khan. Due to this ancestry, Kaivalya Kumar is a treasure house of unusual compositions (Bandish). Gifted with a naturally high pitched, mellifluous voice, Pandit Kaivalya Kumars rendition of Raagas are marked by natural phirat, murki, rigorous tans, infallible rhythm, imaginative content and aesthetic approach to raagas. Pt. Kaivalyakumar is the youngest Hindustani classical vocalist to get a top grade by ‘All India Radio’ and ‘Doordarshan’, a national television, at an age of 35

YouTube Preview Image

Spread across more than 10 cities, the upcoming tour of Pandit Kaivlaya Kumar Gurav is a much anticipated event, of special interest to connoisseurs of Hindustani and Indian Classical music in US and Canada. The complete itinerary of the upcoming tour and concert is as below

April 24: Concert in Ottawa May 8: Light Classical concert in Detroit May 13-19: Teaching assignment in Boston May 14-19: Teaching assignment in Albany May 22: Concert in Seattle June 5: Concert in Pittsburgh (S.V. Temple) June 6: Concert in Columbus June 19: Concert in Albany June 20: Concert in Boston June 26: Concert in Austin July 2-4: Workshop on Hindustani Classical Music in Albany July 9: Concert in New Jersey

The complete schedule is also available on http://www.classical-concpets.com, visitors can also contact Classical Concepts for more details on the tour and for ticket booking requests. Classical Concepts is also offering Pandit Kaivalya Kumars album Bandishein for sale online on its website.

Bandishein is a CD of rare classical compositions by Pandit Kaivalya Kumar Gurav. Bandish is the most poetic and lyrical genre of Indian Classical Music. Bandish derived from Persian, musically signifies a song set to a definite rhythm cycle (Taal). The Bandish of a raga highlights all the essential features in a song. It is learned in the preliminary phase by students. It is also performed by accomplished musicians to embellish and distill a raga in a dynamic format. In this album Bandishein..a musical bouquet, Pandit Kaivalya Kumar, Shri Ashish Sengupta & Shri Ravindra Katoti take you through a beautiful journey with mesmerizing tracks into the world of classical music. You can buy the album for Rs. 150/- only in India, US Price $15 only.

We welcome requests for more details or ticket booking for the upcoming concert and are looking forward to exciting and enthralling sessions and concerts from one the most promising vocalist of Hindustani music. says Nalini Madiwale. In addition to Bandishein, Classical Concepts also offers Teer-E-Neemkash, a collection of 6 classical ghazals performed by Nalini Madiwale.

Please visit http://www.classical-concepts.com to hear and purchase Indian classical music and ghazal albums and for Indian Classical Music concert artist bookings or lecture demonstration requests.

About the Author: Classical Concepts,


is an organization dedicated to the promotion and propagation of Hindustani music, Ghazals, Indian Classical and light classical, Hindustani vocal and instrumental. Towards this mission, the organization sponsors recording and sale of CDs .



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In depth: XM and Sirius merger

Wikipedia has more about this subject:

On 19 February 2007, XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio announced a move that will change the face of satellite radio in the United States and Canada: XM and Sirius will be merging, creating a single satellite radio provider.

This in-depth page will track Wikinews and outside articles to provide you with up to date information about the merger deal. As new actions regarding the merger occur, they can get posted below.


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    • 1.1 2007
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9 July

Spelbound declared winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

An acrobatic group known by the name of Spelbound has been declared as the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2010, a televised variety talent show competition broadcast on ITV in the United Kingdom. As the winning act of the show, Spelbound have won £100,000 (US$144,580, 120,313, A$175,079) and a place at The Royal Variety Performance, an annual gala evening that is attended by senior members of the British Royal Family.

In no particular order, the top three acts were revealed to be two dancers known by their stage name of Twist and Pulse, gymnastic group Spelbound and Kieran Gaffney, whose act involves playing on the drum kit. After Kieran Gaffney was revealed to be in third place, Anthony McPartlin, who hosts Britain’s Got Talent with Declan Donnelly, said to Kieran: “Well done Kieran. Kieran, you’re a star, you came back, you got all the way to the final. I know you’ve loved this. You’ve loved this, haven’t you?” In response to this, Kieran Gaffney stated: “Thank you very much. Thank you, everyone for supporting me. Thank you.”

Shortly afterwards, on the episode that was broadcast live on ITV1 on Saturday, Anthony announced: “After tens of thousands of auditons, five semi-finals and an amazing final, this…this is it. One of you is about to walk away with £100,000 and a place at this year’s Royal Variety Performance. The winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2010 is…Spelbound!” Glen Murphy from Twist and Pulse commented about finishing in second place, stating: “Yeah, it’s amazing. I can’t even believe it. I can’t believe it at all.”

Alex Uttley, a 24-year-old member of Spelbound, commented on the gymnastic group’s victory, commenting: “Oh, my god. This is unbelieveable. We just want to say thank you to everyone out there. It just shows that all our hard work has paid off.” One of the coaches of Spelbound, named Neil Griffiths, stated about Spelbound: “Oh, they’ve worked so hard over the last few weeks. Um, since the semi-final, we…we really had to pull out the stops to try and up the game. They’ve not known they’ve worked in the gym from six in the morning till twelve…twelve o’clock of the night. I couldn’t have asked for more. Um, it’s a team of coaches. I don’t take all the credit myself. There’s, uh, two people up there that know who they are who’ve been fantastic.”

Spelbound consists of 24-year-old Alex Uttley, Nicholas Illingworth, aged 24, Adam Buckingham, aged 21, 20-year-old Adam McAssey, 19-year-old Douglas Fordyce, 18-year-old Edward Upcott, 18-year-old Leighanne Cowler, 17-year-old Katie Axten, 17-year-old Lauren Kemp, 15-year-old Jonathan Stranks, Abigail Ralph, aged 15, 13-year-old Hollianne Wood and Amy Mackenzie, aged 12. Bookmakers had previously predicted that Spelbound would be the most likely act to become the winner of the series.

The running order for the final started with Twist and Pulse. The second act to perform was Liam McNally, a 14-year-old singer. The running order subsequently continued with 40-year-old impressionist Paul Burling, singer Christopher Stone, aged 28, Tina & Chandi, a woman and dog dancing act, Connected, a five-piece singing group, Kieran Gaffney, aged 12, 22-year-old Tobias Mead, a dancer, 80-year-old singer Janey Cutler and Spelbound in that particular order.

Earlier on in the final, Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has stated to Spelbound: “We are hosting the 2012 Olympics and I think ‘what a brilliant opening act’.” Fellow judge Piers Morgan also commented that “[t]he purpose of this show is to identify hidden great British talent. You are that act.” After Spelbound won in the final, another judge, named Simon Cowell, stated that “the right boys and girls won on the night” and that he could “only say on live TV that that was one of the most astonishing things I have ever seen. Seriously.”

9 July

Canadian former deputy PM Herb Gray dies at age 82

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Herb Gray, a Canadian former deputy Prime Minister whose federal political career stretched 39 years, died yesterday. He was 82.

The lawyer from Windsor was undefeated through thirteen consecutive elections, from 1962 to his last in 2000. The Liberal was the third longest serving Parliamentarian of the nation. Nicknamed Gray Herb for his seriousness and The Gray Fog for his ability to deflect questions, Herb was the first Jewish minister in Canada.

Deputy PM Sheila Copps’s 1997 resignation saw Gray promoted to fill the role. Prior to that he served as interim Liberal leader in 1990.

Despite his professional seriousness he had a love of political satire, collecting editorial cartoons and listening to radio shows such as Royal Canadian Air Farce and Double Exposure. Outside of politics he enjoyed rock music and played classical piano.

Gray survived throat cancer treated with radiation in the 1990s and operations for prostate and heart conditions in 1999 and 2001 respectively.

James Moore, Conservative current Minister for Industry, tweeted about the “marvel” of Gray “swatting away our questions […] when we were in opposition.” Current Liberal head Justin Trudeau said Gray was a “great statesman” who “left behind an immense legacy unmatched by most in Canadian history”.

Copps said he was “an incredible Canadian and a brilliant parliamentarian” and ex-leader of the Liberals Bob Rae said he “served Canada with such distinction and care”. Current Prime Minister Stephen Harper called Gray “an honourable parliamentarian who served his country well”.

Gray is survived by wife Sharon Sholzberg, who once said she not once witnessed her partner heading “out for a drink with the boys”, and their two children and eight grandchildren.

8 July

Custom Cedar Shutters An Excellent Window Furnishing}

Submitted by: JOSEPH ZAMMIT

When first used by the Tudors five hundred years ago, shutters were functional and provided protection from the elements. Window width then dictated whether they were installed on the inside or outside. As time and technology passed, they became less functional and were used less. They became popular again as the 21st century approached when interest in Victorian dcor resurged and they are now one of the most popular window treatments and decorative elements.

Custom Cedar Shutters

Custom Cedar Shutters, made from Canadian Western Red Cedar, are the ideal choice for your home. Red Cedar is a lightweight, yet sturdy medium density timber that provides the best insulation. Technically speaking, Red Cedar’s internal, cellular makeup generates air spaces that provide higher insulation standards. Normally speaking, Red Cedar can handle Australian weather better than all other woods.

Thats just one of the advantages Custom Cedar Shutters offers. Additional advantages are as follows:

Most wood shutters are pasted together, which means their construction cannot be certain. Red Cedar Shutters are etched from solid wood and will not decline with time.

the trees from which wood used for shutters grow in the Pacific Northwest, where conditions are damp and subject to fungus, insects, and microorganisms and have, thus developed natural abilities to fight off such problems, as well as humidity, rot, and decay. Such also makes Cedar Wood Shutters resistant to cracking and twisting.

Red Cedar Shutters require very little maintenance. Just wipe them clean them with a soft, damp cloth.

The shutters are uniquely versatile. They can be placed on the exterior or the interior of your home, along with glass doors and windows, and can along balconies. They can also be used as doors, room partitions, and to cover arches and uniquely shaped areas (e.g. bay windows).

The shutters come in a wide variety of color choices, bleaches, and stains – more than enough to satisfy every taste and style.

The shutters immediately bring attention to and add texture and warmth to any room.

Red Cedar Shutters effectively control sunlight and, therefore, protect furniture and other furnishings fading and damage.

The beauty, cost savings, and durability of Red Cedar Shutters increase home values.

Every Red Cedar Shutter is custom made to fit the dimension of every window and/or space in which will occupy.

Apollo Blinds

Since 1988, Apollo Blinds has specialized in custom made, reasonably priced, Modern Basswood Shutters, as well as awnings and blinds for both business and home. Its representatives are highly experienced and provide precise guidance on the highest quality products for every application.

Apollo offers free in-home consultations and some stores also offer a Buy Now Pay Later 0% Interest plan.

With all the advantages custom made Basswood Shutters Online have to offer, they are truly the perfect choice for your home.

A Stylish look and feel is a big part of what makes your house a home. At Apollo we are experts in combining real craftsmanship with the precision of modern technology, to create the solutions you would like for living, working or exterior spaces.

About the Author: Apollo Blinds since 1988 specialises in custom made, affordable quality blinds, awnings and shutters for commercial and domestic. Visit Here For More Information :




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8 July

British Army chief General Sir Richard Dannatt stands down

Saturday, August 29, 2009

General Sir Richard Dannatt retired from his post as Chief of the General Staff of the British Army yesterday, announcing General Sir David Richards as his successor.

Dannatt was regarded by many soldiers as a person to be admired, having campaigned for better pay and conditions for soldiers. It has been reported, however, that prime minister Gordon Brown does not agree with this view—politicians are thought to have disliked him drawing attention to the Ministry of Defence’s failings.

He is expected to continue his campaign for the improvement of soldiers’ pay and conditions in his new role as 159th Constable of the Tower of London.

Dannatt has opposed the invasion of Iraq since he started his job as Chief of the General Staff, and criticised the government’s post-war planning.

Richards, Dannatt’s successor, said, “I wish to thank General Sir Richard Dannatt for his leadership, dedication and courage as Chief of the General Staff and more broadly for his long and distinguished 40 year career.” Richards served in Afghanistan, where he was appointed overall commander of international forces, making him the first British soldier to command American troops since the Second World War.