29 April

Motorcycle Protective Clothing

By James Gunaseelan

Everything that goes in the name of protective gear may not necessarily be as safe as the claims may be. In Europe, for example, apparel has to undergo a series of lengthy tests to qualify as safety clothing. These include abrasion, tearing and impact tests. If they are passed they are CR certified. In the US, where there are no such tests all riders should acquire a set of motorcycle protective clothing by keeping the following points in mind:

1. Wear a sturdy pair of high boots and protective pants. Your pants should be reinforced at the knees and hips and the boots should be made of thick leather with flexible sole.

2. Traditional motorcycle gear has been made of leather, but thick nylon and other synthetic material are good too. If you must wear jeans wear Kevlar ones; they are more abrasion resistant. The same goes for jackets too. If it is made of leather make sure the leather is thick and the jacket’s elbows and shoulders are reinforced. Some impact protection would be ideal.

3. Get yourself a decent pair of gloves with reinforced palm patches. This is absolutely essential because palms get terribly bruised during a fall. Knitted Kevlar is a very good choice; reinforced leather works well too.

4. Wear impact protection gear. They are available separately. You can also go for motorcycle clothing with a degree of impact protection built in. This way whenever you wear clothes you have at least a degree of protection.

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5. Choose the right helmet. This is absolutely imperative. The helmet is the most important protective gear that you can have, never get on to the bike without it.

At the minimum, when you are on your bike you must have the following:

a. Helmet: Make sure it is DOT certified, and fits your head snugly.

b. Eye Protection: A full-face shield, three-quarter helmet, goggles, or close-fitting eyeglasses should be used to provide adequate protection to the eye.

c. Gloves: Since we reflexively put our hands out while falling, the palms are likely to get bruised unless there is protective covering on them. This is why gloves are so important.

d. Jacket: Jackets protect the bikers against the elements and also provide some impact absorption on falling.

e. Long trousers: Long trousers can protect your legs against insects, bugs and highway debris. They also provide some impact protection against falls.

f. Above-the-ankle footwear: These cushion your feet in case of a fall; they also protect your feet against stinging insects.

About the Author: James Gunaseelan Writes articles & Reviews for India’s No.Auto Portal.He also advises consmers on buying & selling of used cars & Automobiles in India.

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29 April

Comments:Calls for bottled water bans grow in Canada

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Thank You Canada!

An article I read making critique of the move, stating that people won’t have portable water available at work, because they won’t have any empty bottles to fill from their water taps. It’s true that so far we get the bottles from these companies. I don’t think of a bad future with no bottles, I think these same companies will focus on making bottles more eco friendly, they will respond to demand, simply. Logictheo (talk) 20:59, 23 August 2008 (UTC)

This is ridiculous. I buy crates of mineral water in GLASS bottles, return them when they are empty and buy a new case. I avoid drinking tapped water, which usually has a bad taste of chlorine. There are countries where you can´t drink tapped water anyway. SAVE THE BOTTLED WATER ! As long as it is in glass bottles.

Rainer Ziegowski, Munich

This is ridiculous because it’s the insane nanny-state at work. I Can’t ride a bicycle on the sidewalk, can’t drink bottled water, tell me not to smoke, tell me not to drink above X amount before I go home, etc.. Even if you accept utilitarian arguments, I heavily doubt the argument that states that the people who do these things are evil enough to warrant outright ban. Get a grip, stop being so childish, and live with the fact that some people may not want to do what you want to do. Fephisto (talk) 15:26, 24 August 2008 (UTC)

I’m glad that people are starting to see the impact they can make and they have made on the environment as individuals. I know in the past that I’ve used my share of plastic water bottles, but from now on I’ll do my very best to be like those people in London, Ontario who have agreed to forgo plastic water bottles for re-usable water bottles.—Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:23, 23 August 2008 (UTC)

This makes total sense. We’ve definitely reached the point where we need to put environmental issues above our own minor conveniences. Use a water filter at home to fill a re-usable water bottle. This will save money as well the environment in the long run and you still have safe water in a bottle. It’s just that simple. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:29, 25 August 2008 (UTC)

I think we have to take in to account the fact of the fluoride in major cities drinking water. It is un-natural and does damage to the brain in doses. Yes there is very few ppm (parts per million)but after an extended period of time that intake of fluoride will cause harm to the body. If they ban bottled water which in some cases is the only source of pure water then we should also leave fluoride out of the drinking water aswell.

This is a dangerous infringement on personal freedoms. What’s next, no more milk in plastic bottles, no more soda? No more single servings of any kind? Limits to how many pairs of jeans it “reasonable” for one person to own? Should I be barred from drinking French wine, since wine is also made in other places closer to where I live? Should I buy an inferior digital camera just because it is made in my home country and has a smaller “ecological footprint”? These people should just recycle the plastic bottles and venture less into authoritarianism. —SVTCobra 00:12, 26 August 2008 (UTC)

The next turning point will be when these governments fairly ban all bottled and canned beverage containers. Why discriminate against water?? At least their bottles have twist off tops and are frequently re-filled and reused by the consumer. But these wasteful cola cans and beer bottles are one time use with a throw away mentality. Hurry Canadian legislators, ban all canned and bottle beverages. Make the citizens truly green and require them to collect all their liquids in gourds!! —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 16:00, 2 November 2008 (UTC)

I think it is wrong for government to ban bottled water. Where will it end? Perhaps soda pop will be banned because it is little more than sugared water. If I were a government official I would find out why customers like bottled water then I would try to produce tap water with the same qualities as the demanded bottled water. Maybe people want to avoid fluoride, chlorine, and waste medicines in the water. If you’re a city official who fluoridates the city water, and people are buying unfluoridated bottled, then I would take the fluoride out of the water. But forcing people to drink tap is wrong, and I fear for what else the government will force upon us.

never bought it never will. we use reusable cuntainors and a inhouse filter. way to go canada —The preceding unsigned comment was added by charlieb (talk • contribs)

I do agree that plastic water bottles are not the way to go, and am anxious to give mine up. I’ve just not found a substitute (where I am). I tried a metal car mug – then realized it has a plastic lid, went with a thermos but it was not practical to use. So, can anyone recommend an all metal water bottle (not aluminum)? Biking weather is hitting and I’ll need a water bottle for long rides.

29 April

Twitter announces advertising platform

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 

Social networking website Twitter announced an advertising platform to enable paid tweets to be displayed at the top of search results. This new feature is called Promoted Tweets; Best Buy Co., Sony Pictures, Starbucks Corp. and Virgin America are some of the participants in this.

Twitter has not allowed advertising in the past. According to Biz Stone, the co-founder of the site said that such tweets must “resonate with users” and be conversational in nature. Promoted tweets should be “ordinary Tweets that businesses and organizations want to highlight to a wider group of users”.

Promoted Tweets would initially appear only in search results in Twitter, according to the company. Only one such Tweet will be allowed in a search results page. This follows Twitter’s acquisition of Atebits, the developer of “Tweetie”, an iPhone application used to access the site, announced during the weekend by company officials.

Analysts mentioned that there were some risks involved with allowing advertising, saying that Promoted Tweets could become unpopular with users.

Christine Overby of research company Forrester mentions that there is a possibility that users “may get turned off by too much advertising,” “But I think this risk is easy to manage – they can look at how Google for example has handled this,” she added.

She mentioned that the company’s “pay for resonance” model could prove to be risky as advertisers would be paid for how much user attention a tweet receives. “Advertisers are accustomed to ‘pay per click’ or ‘pay per thousand’ [advertising units] models,” she said. “They may not appreciate this model – there will certainly be a discussion as to what the ‘pay for resonance’ model actually is.”

29 April

Two slain in knife attack at Swedish IKEA furniture retailer

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 

Two people were killed yesterday afternoon and another seriously injured in Västerås, Sweden. The injured man is considered a suspect in the knife attack and was arrested in hospital. Another man was arrested at the scene, which was an IKEA furniture retailer. According to police, the two fatalities do not have any obvious connection to the suspects, but did know each other. The motive is, thus far, unknown.

Police were called to the scene at 13:00 local time and found three stab victims. Initially, all three were considered victims, but the status of one has been changed to suspect. The other two, a man and a woman, subsequently died from their wounds. Police have said CCTV is helping in the investigation. Local newspaper Vestmanlands Läns Tidning (VLT) has reportedly posted footage of one of the suspects being tackled by police.

VLT has further claimed to have identified the two victims as a mother and son, aged 55 and 28 respectively. According to the paper, the victims were not local residents, but did have a connection with Västerås, where they were vacationing at the time of the attack, which a police spokesperson has called “an act of madness”((sv)).

“This is the worst working day of my life”((sv)), said Mattias Johansson, the store manager of IKEA in Västerås, to Sveriges Television. IKEA spokesperson Anna Pilkrona-Godden told BBC News, “Our thoughts are with those affected,” and said the store is closed for the time being.

Västerås is in central Sweden, approximately 115 km (70 miles) west from the capital Stockholm. The population is roughly 110 thousand.

29 April

Elderly Home Care Benefits From Healthy At Home Program

Elderly Home Care Benefits from Healthy at Home Program


rickey mayfield

Seniors value health and independence, and when disease or injuries limit their activities or ability to live independently, many elder adults prefer to receive elderly home care over having to stay in the hospital or short term nursing facilities. In particular, some aging patients are recovering from hospital stays after surgeries or illness and only require temporary home health care during recovery.

That s where New England Home Health Care Healthy at Home program can assist with the hospital discharge period whereby patients need extra care during the first 14 days after returning home. Healthy at Home patients are able to stay within the comfort of their home after being in the hospital and have caregivers assist with the critical transition period of 14 days where they must strictly adhere to regimens prescribed by their doctors.

This highly effective approach for elderly home care aids in keeping seniors at home without repeated visits back to the hospital. In fact, people with heart failure that participated in our Healthy at Home program avoided being readmitted to the hospital by 25 percent per year and 50 percent in the first 30 days after discharge.

YouTube Preview Image


elderly home care

can truly make the difference in getting elder adults back to performing their activities on their own and living independent lifestyles. The Healthy at Home approach uses a team effort of professionals from multiple disciplines that all contribute to assessing patient s care and monitoring them in the home so as to ascertain whether they are improving according to plan. The Healthy at Home team also liaisons with doctors and community organizations to ensure that the patient is attending appointments and using community resource referrals as needed.

By choosing home care nursing, elder adults can receive either personal care or health/medical care services.

Home nursing CT

providers that offer personal care services utilize certified nurse assistants (CNA) that provide assistance with activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, toileting and dressing.

Our elderly home care team consists of a team nurse leader, the personal physician, social workers and home health aide as well as physical, speech and occupational therapists if needed. For the 14 day period following hospital discharge, they focus on supporting and caring for the patient. After that time, patients may choose to continue using elderly home care services on a part or full time basis in order to receive personal, health or medical care as needed.

With our Healthy at Home method, we have saved countless patients from needing to go back to the hospital, and with our supportive health care professionals available to seniors, their recovery is much easier and quicker overall.

Elderly home care

services assist with essential caregiving for personal needs such as shopping, cooking and dressing while the

New England Home Care

Healthy at Home program uses the first 14 days after discharge to maximize patient recovery.

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29 April

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29 April

Ohio man dies after sitting in chair for two years

Friday, April 1, 2011 

A morbidly obese Ohio man died Wednesday after being found unconscious in his home several days earlier. The man had been sitting in a chair for two years and was physically fused to it when he was discovered by two roommates, one of which was his girlfriend.

Authorities who arrived at the house in Bellaire reported seeing the man sitting amidst his own urine and feces, which were infested with maggots. The man’s skin had become attached to the recliner’s cloth, said law enforcement officers, one of whom had to dispose of his uniform after responding to the home. In order to transport the man to the hospital, officers had to carve out a portion of the wall.

Identified as 43-year-old Richard Hughes, the man died after being taken to Wheeling Hospital in West Virginia. The residence’s landlord said Hughes, weighing 348 pounds (157 kilograms), began sitting in the chair after his knees started to hurt, and refused to get up. Hughes’ girlfriend told police that she fed him because he was unable to move around.

Jim Chase, a city official, called the room where the man stayed “very filthy, very deplorable” and said it was “unbelievable that somebody live[d] in conditions like that.”

28 April

Chef who appeared on Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ commits suicide

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 

Joseph Cerniglia, a chef who had appeared on Gordon Ramsay’s television show Kitchen Nightmares, has commited suicide. Cerniglia was the owner of Italian restaurant Campania. He jumped off a bridge into the Hudson river on the New York–New Jersey border. At the time of filming in 2007, Cerniglia owed suppliers $80,000.

Officials reported that 39-year-old Cerniglia had jumped off of the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson. His death has officially been ruled as suicide. His body was retrieved from the river after reports of a man jumping off of the bridge.

Ramsay released a statement to the Press Association saying “I was fortunate to spend time with Joe during the first season of Kitchen Nightmares. Joe was a brilliant chef, and our thoughts go out to his family, friends and staff.”

Cerniglia told Ramsay about his personal debt when he came to the restaurant in 2007. He said “I am financially in trouble. The debt of the restaurant alone is overwhelming. My personal debt — wife, kids, mortgage — that’s a lot of debt”.

28 April

How Online Marketing Can Bring Hundreds Of Dollars Into Your Pocket

Submitted by: Jerrymae McAdams

You may characterize the times today as the best yet the worst of times. Holding such thought is somewhat reasonable and realistic. With the increasing ado on looming recession and imminent layoffs, you could absolutely feel like the market is quickly disintegrating. But don’t despair.

Did you know that now is in fact the best time to make money from the web? This article will demonstrate to you four methods of earning money through the Internet just by selling others products. So read on and you will be amazed at how much money you can earn in less than 10 minutes and while you re in the comforts of your home

From Advertising Revenues

The Internet advertising revenues last year (2007) practically reached $21.1 billion. Even with the economic slump, this displays no hints of abating in 2008 and beyond. Now, would it not be pieces of heaven if you were to get shares of the pie?

If you have blogs and websites, you can actually sell the advertising spaces on those pages. Just make sure that your blogs are fascinating enough for it to be differentiated from all other blogs, you drive traffic to your website and you can convince your visitors to click on those advertisements.

YouTube Preview Image

Among the high-earning blogs are Perez Hilton (entertainment and gossip), Go Fug Yourself (fashion) and BoingBoing (technology).

Make Use of Affiliate Marketing

This method is considered to be the finest way to make money on the web. In essence, you get a commision of sales each time you sell someone else’s products and each time you cause visitors to purchase someone else’s products. Either way, you earn additional money!

There s bigger money in affiliate marketing. With this, however, you have to be well-versed of some technical terms and be knowledgeable of the ethics in the industry.

Retail Commerce

This is where your accounting and marketing lessons in college can come to the fore. In essence, retail commerce involves the purchase of products in wholesale, the taking care of inventory and the reselling of these items. The stiff competition among other e-shops is present but with time, perseverance and sound marketing skills, you ll get by.

You earn money online by adding on a healthy profit margin to the products to compensate for the shipping costs. These shipping costs are minimal compared to what you can earn out of reselling more products.

Drop Shipping

In this kind of business, you act as the salesperson for your supplier as you are actually responsible for completing a transaction with a customer. You then forward the details (such as price, specs of the item) of the purchase. This is a preferred way to earn money through the web as you don t have to take care of hefty inventory costs.

You gain profit in drop shipping by charging your clients with a price that s larger than that required by your supplier. In short, this line of business is simply operating a wholesale business minus the costs of inventory and shipping.

These are just four of the great methods of making money through the Internet. All you require are your laptop, an Internet access, and a passion for business. If you possess a good mix of those, you will definitely free yourself from recession woes and job worries.

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how to earn money online

, then visit MakeMoneyOnlineVault.com today! At this site, you can get nuggets of wisdom that will allow you to

earn extra money online

or even

earn money online




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28 April

Telecom New Zealand bounces gay e-mail

Sunday, April 29, 2007 

Telecom New Zealand has apologised to Gay Hamilton after her e-mail was bounced because it contained the word gay eight times. The automatic reply Ms Hamilton received stated that the e-mail was not suited for “business-like communication”.

Website designer and lesbian, Gay Hamilton had sent the largest public company in New Zealand a message to their help desk via e-mail, asking if she was able to receive their broadband services in her Nelson suburb.

Lenska Papich, spokesperson for Telecom, has said that e-mails are usually only monitored internally, and the words are blocked to help reduce harassment cases by threatening disciplinary action. “Our systems internally detect a number of words, including both the words gay and heterosexual, that could be deemed as inappropriate for use at work.” Telecom refused to list the other words that are blocked.

Ms Hamilton has said that she is worried about the amount of time and effort Telecom must have put into deciding that gay was an inappropriate word in e-mail communication. “If they do have to put content filters on, then maybe they should ensure that it only gets genuinely abusive words.”

Ms Hamilton has been apologised to by Lenska Papich, who said that she was very good about it all.