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25 May

Why Blog?}

Submitted by: Robert Nixon

A Blog is a tern used for ‘web log’, which in turn to most is the same as keeping a diary or journal, depending upon the author’s intent by the use of the format, or in this case the blog.

You want to Blog in order to have another way to increase traffic and links to you site. When a search engine spider goes to your site, it will pick up on the link to your blog and index it as another page of your site along with the content of the blog. You will want your Blog to reflect your website’s theme or use it as a means of it’s content to create enough interest by the reader to visit your website. People leaving comments at your blog will also show as traffic. As with all else, you must remember that the content, or text, is what the spiders see when they visit your site to index it. This content is used as the reference for searches done by visitors to the engine as they look for the matches to the keywords. This holds true whether or not the results of the search show a thumbnail of your site or simple html text, used as the link for the visitor to the engine to click on.

There are several places on the internet where you can get your own blog at no charge. Some will be easier than others to set up and edit, it depends upon your level of expertise and how you like the program’s resulting product. As with anything else, if you pay for something you will get more with a better quality. You will have to determine this for yourself. If you can not or don’t want to spend money, then you will have to do it yourself and work within the limitations of the version of the tool until you can afford to up-grade.

I set up a Blog this past week and as the first posting, used last weeks article I wrote for this newsletter. I also publish my article with a couple of content sites. In doing this I have created several links not only to my website but to the article itself. People and search for articles or Blogs and find mine via the topic. Traffic to the inter-linked pages from other websites that in turn go to my links gives my site more ‘depth’ across the internet. This is one of the major factors with your site’s ranking that should not be ignored. You may view my blog at my main website page by clicking on the box or by going here:

If you look at the upper right hand corner of the blog, you will see a link to get one of your own

As with article publishing, you have places to publish your blog and it’s information for those looking for information about your topic. You will want to up-date your ROR on your site also, as it’s listing of your blog will give the spiders a quick look at the links associated with your website. Here is a good place to start publishing your blog:

Who can tell how long this avenue of increasing ranking will be a useful tool? It can not be ignored, however and should be somewhere on your site for those looking for one from you.

Where does all this lead? To sign up for your newsletter, purchasing of your product or service. or whatever else you have to offer at your website. One of my client’s website produces at least a few calls a day from those that have visited their website. Of these the conversion to clients is around fifty percent. This may not sound like much, but when you take into consideration that the average client will spend from several hundred to several thousands of dollars for the products or services, it is a very good Return on Investment. That’s it, the bottom line being income generation. Not only will my client’s company get the initial income, but they will get residual income from up-grades and service calls. This increases their client base and with permission, the entering of links to and from the customer’s website does it’s thing for the clients website traffic and ranking.

Does it work? Yes. This past week I had a visitor to my website that also visited my blog. This person sent me an e-mail that I followed up on and became a subscriber to my newsletter. This is the main purpose of my site, that is to generate enough interest for a visitor to want more information from me via the newsletter. As the newsletter is sent to the subscribers, they will see the ad’s on the newsletter and after a period of time will trust me enough to look more deeply into the products and services I sell.

Conclusion: Having a Blog is just another way of doing everything you can in order to generate sales via the internet for the web side of your business. It is not considered a direct method but one that may spark interest enough by it’s content for the visitor to go to your main site and investigate more before purchasing. More and more people are researching more before purchasing, so you know that by the time they call or contact you from your site that they are down to the last step before purchasing. Treat them well and qualify them quickly and you should produce income.

About the Author: Robert is the owner and webmaster of a marketing and promotional site dedicated to assisiting new and existing internet business from home people with methods and tips on making their site more productive. He also publishes a free weekly newsletter.


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5 September

What Causes Your Car’s Engine To Overheat?

By Lawrence Reaves

Automotive engines are designed to withstand a high operating temperature. Most vehicles built over the past fifteen years operate within a range between 200 and 240 degrees Fahrenheit. But beyond the upper limit, the assembly will overheat, potentially sustaining major damage. Continuing to drive your car once the temp gauge on your dash spikes could literally destroy your engine.

There are several elements that can contribute to overheating. It is important to be familiar with them so you can diagnose the problem in the event it occurs. Below, we’ll first describe the issues an overheating engine can cause. We’ll then discuss some of the factors that may be involved.

What Happens When Your Engine Overheats?

Numerous problems can occur once an engine overheats. First, the head gasket can fail. The gasket is sandwiched between the cylinder head and engine block, both of which expand as the engine’s operating temperature rises. The head and block are made from different metals, and thus expand at different rates. The gasket may be crushed under severe pressure.

Second, spark knock can occur. This is a knocking sound that indicates that the fuel inside one or more cylinders is detonating rather than being ignited by the spark plug. With time, it can damage the pistons and rod bearings.

Third, a severe overheating problem can impair the cooling system. The coolant that normally transfers heat away from the engine to the radiator may becomes so hot that the hoses carrying the fluid may rupture. A sizable rupture can starve the assembly of coolant, and likely cause it to seize.

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Most overheating problems are due to issues inside the vehicle’s cooling system, or parts that affect the system. We’ll start with the head gasket.

Bad Head Gasket Seal

We mentioned earlier that the head gasket is positioned between the cylinder head and engine block. One of its responsibilities is to provide a seal that prevents coolant from entering the cylinders. If this seal becomes compromised, coolant may leak inside, reducing the level of fluid flowing through the cooling system. Since less fluid will be available to transfer heat away from the engine, overheating can occur.

Failing Water Pump

The water pump’s main job is to keep coolant moving between the radiator and engine. If the pump stops working, the flow of coolant will be cut off, causing the engine to overheat. This can occur in a couple ways.

First, the pump is equipped with blades – they are usually made from plastic or metal – that turn in order to circulate coolant through the component. These blades can wear down and break, impairing coolant flow.

Second, the shaft seal may develop a leak. A leak will allow coolant to seep outward, lowering the amount available to the engine.

Coolant Leaks

Thus far, we have highlighted two potential sources of coolant leaks: the head gasket and water pump. But the fluid can leak from several other sites. For example, the hoses carrying the fluid can crack or rupture under pressure. The attachment points between the hoses and radiator may also develop leaks. Cracks in the engine block may allow coolant to drip into the cylinders.

If you suspect fluid is escaping your car’s cooling system, have a mechanic pressure test the entire system to identify the source. Then, have it fixed as quickly as possible.

Radiator Failure

The radiator is designed with small passages. Coolant flows through them, and releases heat absorbed from the engine. Due to rust, corrosion, and various debris that accumulates over time, these passages may become partially blocked. Additionally, the vents through which heat is normally released may become plugged by dirt and insects; the radiator’s position near the front of the car exposes it to these elements.

If coolant is unable to release heat, it will be unable to absorb more from the engine. As a result, the assembly can overheat.

Take note of any problems that develop in the areas above. Realize that small issues tend to worsen if they are neglected, and can place your engine at risk. It pays to have them resolved as soon as they surface.

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4 September

4 Right Ways To Secure Auto Title Loans}

Submitted by: Maria Madrid

Some people are correct when they point out that auto title loans are disastrous. With its high interest and the fact that its payable only in a month or some even only offer it in weeks; it does contain some of the ingredients needed in order to have a financial disaster. However, just because it is so, you have all the right reason to avoid it? Unfortunately, in reality, this is not the case. More and more people are finding their ways to this kind of loan in order to experience financial relief temporarily. With that, the best thing they can do is to make it right always when borrowing this kind of loan. How?

1. Always look for the best terms and conditions as much as possible. Even though you have been dealing with a particular title loan company, you still have to do this. With more loan companies targeting the pie each year, it follows that the new ones will offer better terms and conditions and the old ones will also do the same.

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2. You have to leverage your advantages. If you have positive credit marks and own relatively newer models of cars, you can actually use these factors in order to negotiate for longer terms and lower interests. Bear in mind that, it is due to credit risks why companies offering auto title loan have shorter terms and higher interests bearing loans. You might want to ask if they have other types of credit facilities that compliment your advantages too.

3. Use several loan companies one at a time. It means that you do not have to remain exclusive with one creditor only. Title loans are tricky somehow, the more frequent you pledge your car title, the lesser the valuation; thus, the amount of loan to be granted is reduced as you apply for auto title loan very often. In order to get higher appraised value is to use other auto title companies if you have plans to use this type of credit again.

4. Always ask yourself if you really have no other options in order to solve your temporary cash short fall. Sometimes, borrowers just want the easy way out and they do not want to encounter hassles of negotiating for extended terms, asking for moratorium, or appealing for grace period. Some people are too embarrassed to do these things and careless to rely on high interest bearing loans like auto title loans.

With all of the above ideas, you can be sure that you will get better terms and conditions when you take out auto title loans at any given time. Those ideas are also word of caution telling you that you have to think seriously before applying for this kind of loan due to its rigid terms and conditions. As a final reminder, always bear in mind that the rule of thumb in here is always to use this kind of loan as your last resort for financial relief.

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