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5 March

Springfield Mo Dentists Warn Stop The Pop!}

Submitted by: Tracy Davis

Springfield MO Americans consume huge quantities of soft drinks each year, warns Springfield MO dental implants provider Dr. Kelly Barnett. Spoon out ten teaspoons of sugar and see how much sugar is in a 12-ounce can of soda. Now spoon out 17 teaspoons and see how much is in a 20-ounce bottle.

But sugar isnt the only problem with soft drinks; carbonation is also very hard on your teeth. Frequent exposure to soda causes measurable loss of tooth enamel, observes Dr. Marc Barnett, a Springfield MO dentistry provider. According to a recent study by the Academy of General Dentistry, colas are ten times more corrosive to tooth enamel than fruit juices. The culprits in soft drinks are the citric and phosphoric acids that create carbonation.

However, our Springfield MO cosmetic dentists have ways to combat sodas insidious effects. We offer our patients a special fluoride varnish. The 1.5% sodium fluoride varnish is applied to teeth after each cleaning and, over time, provides a higher concentration of fluoride than any other method. It actually strengthens tooth enamel and clinical studies have shown it to reduce tooth decay by 40%.

This varnish is a great product, says Dr. Tracy Davis, a Springfield MO tooth whitening provider. Its simple to apply and can really help reduce the incidence of decay. It works well with adults who have root sensitivity or high rates of cavities. Its especially helpful for older adults who have problems with dry mouth which can encourage root decay.

The Barnett-Davis Dental Group provides a multitude of dental treatments for patients of all ages. General dental services include preventive cleanings, root canals, laser-assisted gum therapy and cavity removal, tooth colored fillings, mini-implant supported dentures, crowns and bridges. They also provide cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers, bondings, Invisalign orthodontic clear braces, tooth whitening and cosmetic tooth and gum contouring. Emergency cases are always seen promptly.

About the Barnett-Davis Dental Group

Located in the Springfield MO area, Drs. Barnett and Davis practice cosmetic dentistry as well as a full range of general dentistry everything from implant dentistry to preventive dental care to veneers to the full range of cosmetic dentistry. They want their patients beautiful smiles to last for a lifetime. The Springfield MO dentists at Barnett-Davis Dental Group employ the latest technological advances to improve their patients level of comfort and the accuracy of diagnosis and preventive treatments.

Kelly served as the first female president of the Greater Springfield Dental Society and has been a delegate to the Missouri Dental Association. She is vice president of the Board of the OTC hygiene and dental assisting school. Marc serves on the Childrens Smile Center board in Ozark to treat under-privileged children.

Family ties and small town values brought Marc and Kelly to the Ozarks in 1984. Marc practiced dentistry in Nixa and Kelly maintained a solo practice in Ozark for 17 years. In the fall of 2001, they combined their efforts and expertise into one modern, high-tech dental office in Ozark.

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3 February

Know Why We Need To Find The Best Kids Dentist In Richmond Hill}

Know why we need to find the best kids dentist in Richmond Hill


Angela Gluck

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Pediatric dentists are specially trained to treat the dental issues of infants, kids and adults. They are highly professional and skilled personnel who can take care of dental development difficulties in kids and can provide them the right treatment. Oral care is being the major need for everyone whether it is kids or elders and they can get the right care and treatment from the highly experienced or professional dentist. A general dentist can be a family dentist who has great deal of family knowledge but we cannot say he is specialist dentist for kids. The Richmond Hill pediatric dentist is the one who only handle dental needs of kids or adults instead of whole family. They are highly skilled can provide the best standard of care and support for any type of trouble. For new parents, it is hard to understand various dental situations of their kids as they must irritate them when it is time of growth of baby teeth.

So, instead of getting the kids to any dentist you need to find the best kids dentist in Richmond Hill who can provide your kids the right treatment or can help you understand their situation. Once the importance of right dentist is clear to parents, then they needs to find the one who is reputed one and also ensure you the good oral health of your kids. Basically, regular dental checkup is one of the good habits for everyone and parents need to create this habit in their kids. The parents need to tell their kids the importance of oral health and also try to make their first visit interesting so that they would love visiting dentistry regularly.

When it comes to oral health care of kids then you need to find the best kids dentist in Richmond Hill. A right dentist must provide the required care and treatment to children and never let them face any difficulty with oral health. Having reference of right dentist will give your kids the great experience during first visit and also help your kids to remain protected from oral issues.

The oral health has great impact on the overall health of a person so we need to take care of kids who are unaware of this aspect. And it is only possible if you take them regularly to dentistry. If your kids are facing any type of oral issue then it is also a time to prefer best dentist for children in Richmond Hill. Selecting right dentistry may involve some difficulties as they are number of options to choose from. You need to find the dentistry that is well-established for children and also ensure the friendly and hygienic environment for children. If you are looking for the most popular and trusted dentistry then only remember the name of Kids Dentistry Richmond Hill. It is the #1 source for parents who are concerned for their kids and want to ensure the good oral health.

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5 September

A Guide On How To Style Curly Hair

By Adriana Notton

Sometimes it’s tough to decide how to style curly hair. No matter the exact texture of your locks, curls can be both a blessing and a curse. Although it may seem at times to be more a curse than the former description, there are ways to work with it to make it the best thing that ever happened to you. You’ll be surprised what you can do.

First of all, figure out if your texture is more in the region of mega-curls or if it’s more frizzy. Are your strands more like spirals and corkscrews or are they softer and more wave-like? Once you have these observations in place, you should be able to move on to the next step. Whether you’re styling your strands for Prom or a day at the beach, there are lots of things you can do.

Here are a few great ways to style your mane. If you’re searching for a look that is casual and easy to create, then do the following: First, wash your hair. Use your favorite shampoo, but instead of combing it out after you get out of the shower, do it while you’re in. As you comb, be careful not to tear the ends, as this causes the strands to split and become brittle over time.

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After you’ve finished with the previous step, roll your hair into a towel when you finish showering. Leave it for a little while as you get rest and go about a few activities. When you remove it from the towel, be sure that you do not comb it again. This is very important. Apply a very mild styling mousse to the wet tresses and allow them to dry on their own. You’ll be left with casual, comfy curls that are free of frizz.

Maybe you’re looking for a more refined vibe. When it comes to getting ready for Prom or even a simple first date, casual sometimes doesn’t exactly fill the bill. In this instance, wash your tresses as previously noted, but don’t comb until you get out of the shower. Before you comb, apply a slicking gel that makes it easier to work out your tangles.

When this is done, allow your locks to dry for a time on their own. When they’re sufficiently halfway dry, use a blow-dryer and set it on the lowest setting, on a “Hot” setting. Periodically brush as you’re going through the drying process. This will prevent an accumulation of frizz. If desired, spritz some anti-frizz spray as you’re drying.

When you’re through, you’re natural curls should be shining through. Take a large-barrel curling iron and touch up the front and back of your tresses. Define with a bit of hairspray. Only comb through the top, thus preventing taking out any extra spring in the curls. You may then pin back the right or left part with a sparkly flower or add lift with a barrette or headband. It’s that easy.

With these two hairstyles, you’ll be able to make all kinds of different looks, from ponytails to braids, based on this simple foundation. Have fun with it and always remember to be yourself.

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27 April

Revolutionized Dental Implants

Submitted by: Randy Mark

A dental implant is the process of substituting a missing tooth with a fabricated tooth. This process takes care of both; the functionality and aesthetics, while replacing the natural tooth as closely as possible. Dental implants are made up of ceramic or porcelain to look like that of a natural tooth. Los Angeles is the best location to correct a lost or missing tooth. With a dental implant one can chew normally, smile with confidence, and lead life normally just like before. The replacement tooth functions and looks similar to that of natural tooth. When a tooth is lost, a gap is created that affects how one eats food and speaks. It often leads to crooked teeth, gaps and gums or bone diseases. As time passes by, the remaining teeth tend to shift so as to close the gap, and one could end up with an uneven smile.

In the recent years, the field of dentistry has been revolutionized with the introduction of dental implants. In olden days, the dentists mostly relied on traditional bridges to restore a lost tooth. Implants do not disturb the neighboring healthy teeth and its lifespan is higher than that of a bridge. If diligent care is taken for oral hygiene, they may last for a lifetime. The procedure includes fitting of a replacement tooth or a crown or denture in to the mouth permanently and it is held in place on a solid titanium post. The implant post eventually settles down in the bone, just like that of natural tooth root. Then the patients receive a temporary tooth to fill the gap, until the permanent one is ready for installation. It may take three months in the lower jaw bone and about six months in the upper jaw bone for the post to integrate.

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Once integrated, it may take several visits to complete the restoration depending on the complexity of each case. Cosmetic dentists in the Los Angeles are professionals in this procedure. It is advised to look for a well-established dental surgeon, when you are looking for implants. Sometimes, the bone quality and quantity also affects the outcome of the procedure. Implants are highly useful for a person with full or partial dentures. These removable dentures cause a lot of inconvenience as they become loose. The implant specialists can help to make the dentures better fitting, and ensure much better comfort.

Plaque control is a critical component of the implant care. There are various devices such as soft toothbrush, dental floss, oral irrigation devices and mouthwashes containing essential oils like Listerine, that have proved to be extremely helpful in plaque removal and also for proper maintenance of implant. Dental implant technology has become a norm for all patients, who are suffering from tooth loss and related issues. It is a time tested and proven approach to restore one s oral health, smile and overall persona.

There are top-notch dentists available in Los Angeles, who can restore million dollar smile with dental implants at affordable cost.

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