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12 September

Forklift Rental Dealer, Westquip, Offers Biggest Selection In Oklahoma

Forklift Rental Dealer, Westquip, Offers Biggest Selection in Oklahoma



Westquip offers the largest and newest forklift rental fleets in the State of Oklahoma. Whether the task is big or small, Westquips forklift rental fleet can handle it. They have everything from small electric pallet jacks and 5000 pound pneumatics to 35,000 pound capacity heavy lifts. All 200 forklifts are available for both short- and long-term rentals.

Optimizing Fleets

For many companies, the renting process starts with Westquip optimizing their material handling fleet. The businesses theyve helped in the past save thousands of dollars in rental fees because of Westquips expertise. Companies lose a lot of money trying to keep their forklifts too long, racking up large repairs that only drag the problem out further.

Forklifts have an economic life and a physical life, and the economic is often determined by the physical. For instance, if the forklift was used in a harsh environment and not properly maintained, the value will have depreciated significantly. But, if it was used in a smaller warehouse and tuned up often, then the forklift will still be worth much of its initial purchasing price.

Thats why Westquip has a process to determine that economic life cycle based on: how the forklift was used and in what specific environment it was used in. They also take into account the specific tasks the forklift performed. When their optimizing report is finished, it shows exactly what time that forklift needs replacing.

Short-Term Forklift Rental

Dont let another shift go by without the dependability of a Toyota! Westquip offers daily, weekly, monthly, even annual rentals. Replace or add to your equipment with any of Westquips forklifts in stock and available for rent. Even if you want to test out a forklift rental to see how it improves your day-to-day operations, everything they keep on hand is relatively new and well maintained. Both small and large, Westquip can handle all your needs.

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Long-Term Forklift Rental

Westquip is a leader in long-term full maintenance leasing. For the entire duration of your forklift rental they will keep the machine running showroom-new.Many large manufacturers and distributors take this route for their material handling fleet. Ask them for a reference list if you wish to confirm their excellent uptime.

One of the new forklifts that Westquip has in stock is the 8-Series cushion tire truck which features major enhancements that improve every aspect of lift truck operation:

System of Active StabilityTM (SAS)

Operator Presence Sensing System (OPSS)

2007 EPA/CARB certified engine with closed loop 3-way catalytic muffler system

Electronic fuel injection (gasoline only)

One-way automatic fork leveling

Independent brake & inching pedals

Integrated monitoring system

Hydraulic valve lifters

Dash mounted instrument display

11.8″ diameter two-spoke steering wheel

Hydrostatic power steering

Heavy-duty non-slip rubber floor mat

12″ long dual operator assist grips

Cowl-mount hydraulic control levers with rubber boot covers

Low wide entry steps

Low profile front cowl

Non-cinching seat belt

Dash integrated amenity tray and oversized cup holder

4-way adjustable vinyl full-suspension seat

Slim profile, tilt steer column

Whether you need a short-term rental for a single job or the dependability of a long-term maintenance lease, Westquip has a forklift rental to meet your need. Westquip is an authorized dealer of Toyota forklifts for Central and Western Oklahoma. They are a full line supplier for all your material handling needs new and used forklifts, forklift rentals, forklift repair services, forklift parts and all types of quality warehouse and loading dock equipment. Visit to rent a Toyota forklift today.

John Haines.

Forklift Rental

Westquip is an authorized dealer of Toyota forklifts for central and western Oklahoma. We are a full line supplier for all your material handling needs including: new and used forklifts, forklift rentals, forklift repair services, forklift parts and all types of quality warehouse and loading dock equipment.

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20 March

How To Find A Great Fork Lift Truck}

Submitted by: Amun Garzia.

Some people worry about how they will buy the best fork lift truck that will suit their needs. They are not sure whether a used truck will be better than a new one.

Some people worry about how they will buy the best fork lift truck that will suit their needs. They are not sure whether a used truck will be better than a new one. A fork lift truck used can perform just as well as a new one. It however needs greater degree of maintenance than a new one as it deteriorates quickly if it not regularly maintained.

Good dealerships will provide their buyers a great variety of lift trucks for them to choose from and find the best. You could sample the varieties first before settling on one that suits you. When you want to find the best fork lift truck for you, allocate adequate time and avoid rushing. Rushing could make you opt for a truck that you do not need.

You could narrow your search to the household names, such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Crown Hyster, Nissan, Linde, Yale, Barnett, or Raymond. This will make it easy for you to choose because many people have bought these brands and can provide reviews regarding the lift trucks.

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You can do a little research before embarking on buying a fork lift truck. Various websites are dedicated to providing you with information regarding lift trucks. It is a good idea to compare prices. This will be of great help when the chance to negotiate comes. You will know how low you can go and how high you should allow the salesperson to raise the cost.

Whether you decide to buy a fork lift truck used or a new one, you must have it serviced before it begins operation to avoid it breaking down or causing accidents. Servicing involves tightening of screws, checking for any fuel leaks, and checking the oil of the lift trucks. This ensures the engine and other moving parts are in perfect condition for use.

A great fork lift truck will be fuel-efficient and save you money. If you want to spend very little on fuel, you should consider buying an electric used forklifts for sale instead of a gas-powered truck. However, the electric forklifts will be more expensive than the one powered by LP Gas during the initial purchase.

The best used forklifts for sale will consider the load that you will use the truck to carry. Its capacity should be strong enough to bear the load effortlessly. The capacity of the fork lift truck ranges from 1500-5500 lbs.

There are different lift trucks you can decide to purchase depending on the job that you will be using the truck to do. For example, you can have the pneumatic truck, 3-wheel electric one, docker, telescopic, stand-up counter balance, rough terrain, side loader, stacker, walkie straddle, swing mast, piggy back and Drexel fork lift truck.

Buying a fork lift truck can be expensive for an individual or an emerging business. For that reason, it is prudent to get an auto loan to finance the purchase of the lift trucks. You must also consider the shipping costs if you bought the truck from a far off country, and take advantage of the discounts that might be offered.

About the Author: Lornell Morris is the author of this article on used lift truck. Find more information, about Forklift used here Visit

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23 April

Used Digger Derricks

Used Digger Derricks


Fritz Gleyo

Therefore, many companies purchase

used digger derricks

. The used digger derricks are relatively cheaper. A used digger derrick may cost you from $ 34000 to $ 1, 00, 000 depending upon the model and condition of the machinery. A mini, used, digger derrick may cost you only $20000 – $ 25000. However, it should be noted that mini digger derrick cannot perform all the functions and has low digging capacity. You can purchase used digger derricks from another company that wants to sale their digger derricks for any reason other than the malfunctioning of the equipment. If the machine, ever, malfunction, you should seek a certificate from the seller that it was repaired by an authorized workshop. You should not compromise on this. You should also see if the digger derrick has any warranty and if so, how long is the warranty valid for. In addition to buying from another company, you can also purchase a digger derrick from some trusted showroom owner who deals with these. These can also be purchase from the internet since there are tens of websites that have used digger derricks advertised. Some websites are, specifically, designed to serve as a marketplace for the sale of

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used digger derricks


Regardless of any place you purchase

used digger derricks

from. You should attach highest priority to the safety of the staff working on it. Not only is neglecting this issue unprofessional but this may drag, unnecessarily, into litigations. You should ensure the truck you are purchasing has proper and un-tampered with insulation. Make sure that it complies with the minimum requirements set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), if you are purchasing it to be used in USA. An insulated digger derrick is ANSI rated for use at 46 KV and below. The dielectric results are obtained from new clean rope. Dirt, grease and moisture reduce the insulating ability. Digger derricks that do not carry dielectric rating are non-insulated. These diggers must never be used. Ask the seller for the user manual of the digger derrick. If he/she does not have it, contact the manufacturing company for a new one, but it is important to have it.

The digger derrick truck is very useful machinery required for the execution of projects that entail digging or lifting the objects associated with digging. The cost, indeed, is a factor to consider and which determines if one wants to purchase new or

used digger derricks

, but do not buy a substandard equipment. Remember not only, can drag you into litigations, but in case if the machinery develops serious faults, you may have to buy the same better machinery again at higher price in the future. So, the digger derricks should be purchased after careful thinking. More information can be found at

used digger derricks

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