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7 September

Dachshund Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Dachshund

Dachshund – Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Dachshund



Breed Description

The Dachshund is an elongated low to the ground breed of dog that belongs to the hound family. They come in 2 sizes, the standard and miniature, and with 3 types of coats, the smooth, long, and wire haired. The typical Standard-sized Dachshund weighs 16-32 pounds and is 8 inches tall, while the Miniature Dachshund is 6 inches and weighs 11 pounds below.


The Dachshund has three varieties of coat: the Smooth Coat variety has short, shiny, smooth coat that are never long and thick, with tails that taper gradually without much hair. The Wire-haired Coat that has a uniformly tight and coarse topcoat and fine, soft inner coat. They have beard and eyebrows, with shorter and smoother hair on the ears, and thickly haired tails. The Long-haired type has a sleek hair that sometimes have a little wave. It’s longer on the fore chest, and under the neck, ears and underside of the body, and should never be curly. Tails have the longest fur, and are carried like a flag.


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The Dachshund is an active dog with astonishing stamina. They require daily walks, and enjoy playing in the park, or any safe open areas. Owners should keep in mind, however, that the Dachshunds tend to be stepped on due to their color.


The temperament of a Dachshund depends on the type of coat they have. The smooth-haired are usually friendly and alert. The long-haired being the reserved and more apprehensive around strangers, while the wire-haired Dachshund is the lively, active, but stubborn type.


Bred for hunting Badger, the Dachshund was originally developed in Germany centuries ago. Their elongated and shortened body was made to dig the prey through their den, forcing them to leave their burrows.


The three coat varieties of Dachshund require certain amount of grooming. Long-coated requires daily brushing and combing, the wire-coated needs professional trimming twice in a year, and the smooth-coated requires frequent rubbing with a damp cloth.


The Dachshund needs consistent and firm training. But if trained, they make wonderful and loyal companion dog. As puppies, they should be taught who the pack leader is, as they can be stubborn, and may resist training.

This breed needs socialization as early as possible, to avoid being fearful, and suspicious of strangers. They should also be trained not to bark too much, and not to jump as this is dangerous for their back bone.

Dachshunds should be left in a crate if owners plan to leave the house even after he has been house trained. They tend to be destructive when bored, and when left alone for extended periods of time.


The Dachshund is a clownish breed that is known to be mischievous. A highly intuitive dog, this breed is usually seen as a companion than that of a hunter. This breed enjoys being around people, and never shows signs of timidity or aggression. This breed is generally a friendly dog, outgoing, and surely captures the hearts of every people he meets.

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6 September

Mini Micro Bikinis

Mini Micro Bikinis


Matt Garrett –

Of late, the already tiny micro bikinis have actually been getting smaller in the bikini s continuous journey of shrinkage. The trend actually began with the top piece, but after shrinking the top so much that it barely covers the nipples, bikini manufacturers have now moved on to reducing the size of the bottom piece.

So you get the following styles: slingshot bikini, mini bikini, teardrop bikini, mini-mini bikini, micro bikini, thong bikini, sexy bikini and, what could be called a double thong G-string bikini the mini micro bikinis

Mini Micro Bikinis

Basically, these are what you might call extreme bathing suits designed to cover only the minimum parts of your body. Supposedly patterned along the lines of garments worn by tribal peoples in various warm climates, micro bikinis typically possess the following features:

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Narrow thong or G-string bottomed bathing suit

Very narrow strips of material that cover only the genitals

Fashion observers believe the mini micro originated to combat anti-nudity legislation passed in some states in the 1970s. Initially, the homemade bathing suits were nothing more than leftover pieces of fabric, sewn together with thin twine or fishing line. Inevitably, local shops picked up on the idea and began to make more practical styles using modern materials.

These bikinis serve a double purpose.

a. They adhere to the barest norms of decency, so you can t actually throw legislation at the wearer

b. They titillate, and how!

Rules you must obey

Obviously, to flaunt your assets, you need to make sure they look pretty darned good. Here s where waxing plays such an important role.

If you go for Brazilian waxing, you are opting for complete removal of hair from your anus, perineum and vulva, basically, the bikini line. This is the most extreme form of bikini waxing.

Not wishing to lay spoilsport, the pain involved with this procedure can be acute and continue for quite some time. However, you may feel that the result is worth the discomfort.

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Mini Micro Bikinis

3 September

Carolina Amato Gloves Perfect For Each Occasion

By Shelly Resta

Carolina Amato Gloves- Known world wide for immaculate designs and contemporary accessory items, Carolina Amato is a designer who has designed some of the finest quality wraps, scarves, hats and gloves. Apt for each occasion and party, Carolina Amato gloves are the accessories which are actually a rage all over the world. Sold at all the well known outlets of various countries, her designer collection of gloves has also been featured in many fashion magazines including Vogue and Elle. Her each collection of gloves and other accessories has always been welcomed with open hearts and has been appreciated much by customers all over the world. It is so because every Carolina Amato gloves collection provides with a unique experience to the fashion mavens and suffices for the desperation for great style statements within their hearts.

Made from different materials like leather, cashmere and wool, her designer gloves are really stylish and make great fashion statements. They not merely direct all attention of the crowd towards the hands of the wearer which appear simply spectacular and classy but they also protect them from any plausible injuries or scratches that might be faced with unexpected. The Carolina Amato gloves that are made from wool come in very soothing colors that appeal to the eye and cause a very relaxing effect. As they are really warm, they prevent the hands from chattering winters easily and make them look stunning as usual.

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The driving gloves by Carolina Amato are always in great demand in the market as well owing to their incredible designs and looks. Having amazing Italian making with top stitching and perforated detailing, these gloves have great round cut features. Made from top quality leather, they make the wearer feel great from within as well. The opera gloves by this renowned designer are also set apart from the rest that might be available in the market. Made with intricate details and awesome designs, the opera glove collection by Carolina Amato are aot to be worn on special occasions like big events, weddings or large scale parties. They impart the wearer with a very royal and classy look that catches the eye of each one present.

Among the most recent of Carolina Amato gloves are the black lace cashmere gloves that have faced experienced instant recognition and immense appreciation from all the customers. These gloves are manufactured using hundred percent cashmere and features beige lacey linings. The good news is that men will not have to covet women for these lovely gloves as the collection has also been extended to them and various gloves have been designed for them as well. Like every glove collection, these are also well cherished by all the customers. The other kinds of Carolina Amato gloves that are present in the market comprise the 16 button lace fingerless gloves, the black French lace gloves, the exclusive long opera gloves, 16 button black lace cashmere gloves, 16 button long leather gloves and the two button cotton blacks gloves along with many others.

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27 April

Cradle Cap: No Special Medicaments

Cradle Cap: No Special Medicaments



The cradle cap is only a temporary skin disorder believed to arise because of the improper digestive system and health condition of an infant. Cradle cap does not require any special medicaments. You may be witnessing scaly, greasy and oily skin surface of your baby s head. This is just a condition and do not panic about it. Care for your child s health and just take a few measures to do away with this condition.

All parents are very possessive about child s health and when they see cradle cap, it adds to their worry. If your infant has developed cradle cap, take some effective measures, which will be enough to cope with the condition until it heals. Firstly, apply the affected area or patch with vegetable or mineral oil and keep it soaked for long hours. The oil softens the skin and has medicinal properties related to skin disorders.

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This disorder generally affects the area of the head in patches. It is just a neonatal disease, which occurs in two to three months old infants. Secondly, usage of mild baby shampoos with normal temperature water is necessary to maintain the skin health during the disorder. During winters, it will be a tricky thing to do. Control the temperature of the water used on the baby skin. Avoid any thing, which can prove harsh to the delicate skin of your child.

The shampoo used to rinse the affected parts must be a soft baby shampoo. Wipe and dry the area gently with a cotton pad. For brushing, take a soft brush and remove the scales after they are dried. Application of petroleum jelly is also helpful in this situation. Lastly, patience is the most important thing, as the proper metabolic functioning of the child will only be responsible for the cure of this disorder.

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