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17 January

Environmental Public Relations Means Green Sss}

Submitted by: Kevin Waddel

Green Peace, tree huggers, people who wear Birkenstocks – they all used to be closely associated with environmental public relations as they set about to save the world from itself. Of course, as more and more people joined the movement and became concerned about the worlds resources, companies started to get on board as well. Of course, trumpeting such things as Employee Recycling Day and Adopt-a-Highway Day as major environmental public relations events. A photo op and goodbye (of course, well see you next year). Typically environmental public relations events were held on Earth Day

Putting the cynicism of the past aside, being environmentally conscious is becoming more and more common these days. Many companies and organizations have launched environmental public relations campaigns in order to show their audiences and market that they are going green. Green initiatives are a great way for companies and organizations to demonstrate that they care about more than just their bottom line. When undertaking an environmental public relations program, there are a few things to remember.

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It is extremely valuable to research what other companies and organizations are doing to further their own green initiatives. This is particularly true of companies and organizations that you would consider your main competition. Taking a look at their green initiatives, regardless if they were successful or not, will inspire you to come up with initiatives that will further your environmental public relations efforts. This research will help you see what kinds of green initiatives resonated with audiences and which ones were not as well received. It will also help to make sure that your green initiatives are relevant and different from your competition. This research should merely be a starting point.

The best green initiatives are ones that come from out-of-the-box thinking. Anyone can set up a program that furthers recycling. But perhaps your company or organization decides to start a recycling program that is based on recycling old broken furniture and turning it back into functional furniture that is donated to schools and daycare programs. By coming up with a unique idea that is still relevant to your company or organization, you will receive more environmental public relations media coverage.

Stay relevant and focus on giving back. If your green initiatives do not seem to align with your company or organizations mission statement, it will seem irrelevant to your audiences and the media. For example, if you are a company in the technology sector, it would make sense to do an environmental public relations campaign around a green initiative that relates to your sector. Perhaps, for promoting energy efficient light bulbs or recycling old technology products. It is also important to remember that your green initiative needs to focus on giving back. If there is any hint that it is more self-serving than anything else, your company or organization will be scrutinized for it. It is vital that you are honest and upfront about your reasoning for launching the campaign.

Every company or organization should consider green initiatives to not only strengthen their environmental public relations efforts, but to give back to the environment.

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25 October

Approaches To Strategic Human Resources Management A Study By Artur Victoria

By Artur Victoria

A Human Resources Executive as a member of top management must determine what policies, programs, practices, and approaches will contribute most to the realization of the organization objectives. This means that in his new role he must be responsible for initiating and implementing-at all levels of management-the most effective utilization of the human assets.

The primary function of the human resources position is to make a major contribution to the development and realization of the organization short-term and long-range objectives while enabling each employee to develop to the fullest extent of his potential. This requires a catalyst and business effectiveness consultant as contrasted with the traditional role of the personnel director.

With these thoughts in mind, the position of the vice-president-human resources might be defined in this way. He reports to the president. His broad function is to formulate, recommend, and implement policies, procedures, and plans to assure the most effective planning, recruitment, selection, utilization, motivation, development, and compensation of the organization human resources; contribute to the development and achievement of the organization long-range and short-term objectives by initiating and implementing employee relations practices which will enable and encourage each employee to realize his personal goals while maximizing his contribution to business effectiveness; provide for the resolution of management problems and the realization of opportunities through innovative approaches to human resources management.

The principal responsibilities of the human resources executive are these:

— Formulate and recommend human resource objectives for inclusion in the organization overall objectives.

— Identify the potential contribution of good human resource management to organizational objectives.

— Identify management problems that can be resolved and opportunities that can be realized through improved effectiveness in human resource management.

— Formulate, recommend, and implement employee relations policies designed to improve individual productivity, job satisfaction, and profitability.

— Make managers aware of their full responsibilities in the management of the human resources entrusted to them.

— Provide the necessary tools, techniques, and methods which foster the development of a business climate conducive to employee innovation and development.

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— Establish the necessary procedures and practices for human resource planning, recruitment, selection, utilization, motivation, development, and compensation. Insure that these are incorporated into every manager job performance evaluation.

— Develop and staff the employee relations function to make provision for innovative approaches to labor and union relations, personnel practices and services, training and development, communication, community relations, benefit plan development and administration, and problem solving.

— Serve as a catalyst and business effectiveness consultant in initiating and implementing new approaches to human resources management.

This position can exert a tremendous influence on business results. Therefore, a few words need to be said about each principal responsibility.

Just as important as market position, technological leadership, return on investment, and profitability are organization human resources. Thus its objectives must reflect this hierarchy of importance.

Human resource objectives for any firm might include five points:

(1) Provide stable employment, equitable compensation, desirable working conditions, and opportunities for advancement for employees in return for their skill, care, efforts, dependability, and teamwork.

(2) Provide a climate conducive to the development of each employee potential in accord with his needs, interests, desires, abilities, and willingness to take on additional responsibility to realize his personal and professional career objectives.

(3). Manage the human resources to assure continuing vitality and growth of the company while realizing a profit and providing opportunities for public service.

(4) Provide a sound organization with enlightened leadership to assure maximum work satisfactions for each employee in a decentralized environment.

(5) Define clearly for each individual the responsibilities of his position, along with the commensurate authority that will enable him to make his best contribution to overall organization goals.

Every organization, regardless of its size, must provide for the needs, interests, and desires of its employees within the work environment if it is to earn loyalty, dedication, involvement, and commitment. This is necessary in order to compete effectively for superior talent in the marketplace. Just making these objectives known would serve to attract the kind of employees all organizations want to have. It is, of course, necessary to follow-up with good management of human resources, or high turnover will inevitably result.

To shed some light on the importance of human resource management, it is a good exercise to look at the objectives of a profit-oriented enterprise-a single-product company, in this instance and attempt to identify the potential contribution of effective management of our human assets. The objectives are:

— To obtain and hold 41 percent of the total available market.

— To return 25 percent on invested capital.

— To return 12 percent on sales.

— To be the technological leader in new product innovation.

— To be the leader in introducing new manufacturing processes, methods, and technology.

— To provide a reliable, dependable, safe product at quality levels superior to those of the competition.

— To build public confidence in the company product and services.

— To attract and retain investor capital by providing a favorable return to share-owners.

— To increase the value of the company stock.

— To cooperate with and provide a fair profit to our suppliers, distributors, retailers, and contractors.

— To be a good corporate citizen by discharging our social, civic, and economic responsibilities through commitment of funds and managerial talent.

That superior, dedicated people are needed at all levels of the organization to achieve these objectives is evident. The company seeks to maintain a superior position in markets, technology, product, service, quality, and internal and external relationships. In order to do this, all six concerns of top management in obtaining, utilizing, motivating, developing, compensating, and retaining good people must be satisfied. These should be incorporated into the objectives listed above.

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2 September

Custom T Shirts The Best Way To Stand Out In A Fashion Infested World

By Seomul Evans

Forget the days when all everyone wanted was to feel like they belonged. That does not seem to apply in today’s generation anymore. Now, a growing number of people are adopting a completely new strategy: they now want to stand out. They don’t want to be the same as everyone else anymore. And one tool they’re using to play with this objective is fashion. This is why the fashion world these days can be quite fickle, and also why custom t-shirts are currently the biggest fashion hits.

Now these are garments that allow you to set your creative side free. You can do anything with these shirts. Combine different colors, fabrics, styles, and patterns, with a design that shouts your personality in every possible way. Most of the shops offer different types of shirts in all possible colors and shades too. Available options include basic round neck tees, collared tees, full-sleeved shirts, dress shirts, tank tops, and so on.

And the best thing is that they’re so easy to avail of. They’re so cheap and they’re now widely available from hundreds of online shops that offer to print them for you. Yes, they’re the latest craze in ecommerce; this means you can design and order custom t-shirts from home! These online shops offer easy tools for designing and customizing your shirt, so you don’t have to be adept in the graphics field to be able to come up with your own custom t-shirt. You can just choose from available cliparts and graphics, and mix and match to come up with your own special artwork. But of course, you have the option to choose any of the designs or to provide your own, or perhaps even a photo of you. You may also add messages or jokes or catchy phrases if you want. There are absolutely no restrictions, so you will probably spend hours designing your ideal shirt – or shirts, for that matter.

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No matter what you do, you can be sure that your t-shirt will be really unique. If you have some questions to ask or if you need help designing your t-shirt, these ecommerce sites also offer their help and assistance online.

Custom tees have become highly appealing to consumers of all ages that companies have discovered their way into the secret. They are now considered as one of the most common and most appreciated corporate giveaways for employees and customers. Don’t you love it if someone is walking around in a shirt with your brand name on it? A lot of people will see the shirt and it’s instant exposure for your business. You can even put messages on it so you can give consumers instant information about your latest products. Advertisers are loving custom t-shirts as much as the fashion-crazed individuals do, and this also has a lot to do with the low costs of these shirts. These are advertising tools that go a long way without requiring much expense.

Go and order your custom t-shirt now. They usually deliver within a week and are very affordable that even teenagers with limited allowances can easily get a wardrobe they won’t be embarrassed about but one that their friends will surely envy. So you don’t have to spend a lot or wait a long time to be able to stand out in your very own customized t-shirt!

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